Poultry Farmers Association in Ghana Seeks Government Help

The Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana sought the help of the government to put in the necessary measures to boost local poultry production as it restricts imported poultry.

According to the association, local poultry farmers need to be equipped by the government to meet the demand for poultry.

Ghana’s Ministry of Agriculture recently announced that it has restricted the importation of frozen poultry products into the country.

Local Poultry Farmers Association Vice President Napoleon Agyemang Oduro said government must do more than restricting the import of poultry products in order for the local poultry industry to be sustained.

“I will first want to see what measures we have put in place to enhance production and productivity in the country and then we can talk of the restriction, otherwise it will just be an economic disgrace to say we have started restriction when our poultry farmers cannot produce to fill the gap,” he said.

Oduro explained that poultry farmers need support from government to enable them gradually fill in the gap that will come along with the restriction.

“There is the need to do something at every stage of the value chain. So if we are talking about restriction it’s good but we will also have to supply what it takes to produce and fill the gap,” he said.

“It is important we position ourselves in terms of activity to be able to fill the gap. We have the hatcheries, the seed millers, the processing materials and the poultry farmers. So all we want is government support and guidance to help us fill in the gap.”

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