Poultry Questions Answered (Part VIII)

There are several questions that seems to be easy to answer but complicated to do and solve. An article from Daily Nations answers some of it related to health of our chickens.

My chickens have weak legs and are just lying down. What is wrong?

There are several causes of lameness (weakness/paralysis) in chicken.

These include diseases caused by viruses (viral arthritis and Marek’s disease) and bacteria (mycoplasama and staphylococcus). There are also nutritional conditions like rickets and cage layer fatigue syndrome.

Please get in touch with a vet near you.

Please share information on formulating poultry feeds for broilers.

Formulating poultry feeds is both a science and art. Chicken, just like humans, require a balanced diet comprising carbs (energy source), proteins (growth and development), vitamins and minerals for optimum growth.

You also need to learn to select the material and mix ingredients in the right ratios.

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