Resorts World Gunman a Big Cockfight Bettor


Jessie Javier Carlos, the gunman in the recent attack at the Resorts World Manila, was a cockfight enthusiast.

Carlos used to own a two-hectare farm for game fowl breeding in Barangay Darasa in Tanauan City, Batangas. He sold the farm for P10 million in November 2016 and received half of the payment last January.

He also sold away some of his game fowls and transferred the others to another location.

Dodong Ablao, village chairman in Barangay Darasa and a friend of Carlos, brokered the sale of the property. He said that Carlos had debts to pay.

Ablao related that Carlos was an impulsive gambler, saying that the latter would allow himself to lose P1 million in cockfighting in just one night. A city official also said that Carlos used to gamble big amounts ranging from P100,000 to P500,000.

On June 1, Carlos attacked the casino while carrying an M4 rifle, burned casino tables and stole P113.1 million worth of casino chips. He later shot and burned himself to death.

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