Restaurant Faces Rap Over Expired Chicken

Authorities were investigating a restaurant accused of serving meals made with expired chicken to more than 100 workers in Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) Municipality, United Arab Emirates.

Munther Al Zaabi, director of emirate’s municipality, said an Emirati man filed a complaint against the restaurant to RAK Municipality a few days ago.

“He said he had arranged with the restaurant to provide him with iftar meals on daily basis throughout the holy month for more than 100 workers at his farm,” said Al Zaabi. “He said the workers soon began complaining that the meals smelled strange and tasted bad.”

After confirming that the meals were not fit to eat, the man visited the restaurant to complain to its owner.

The man told authorities he saw packages of chicken that had passed their use-by date by a month being used in the kitchen. The man filmed a video of the expired chicken being used to make meals and submitted it to the municipality as evidence.

During investigations by inspectors, the Emirati man told them that the owner of the restaurant offered him free meals for the remaining days of Ramadan in return for him dropping the complaint he filed against him.

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