Rockland Residents Not Happy with New ‘Neighbors’

Some residents at Victoria’s upscale Rockland neighborhood are not happy with the news that they are about to get 100 new clucking, pecking neighbors.

A property owner in the neighborhood plans to give away fresh eggs from the hens to the roughly 45 tenants that live in her rooming house on the two-acre lot.

Wei Tu said she will “make sure that everything is taken care of” and her plans for the yard will help the residents build a “sense of community, grow fresh vegetables, and enjoy fresh eggs.”

Phil Calvert lives next door and he’s upset about the construction of three large coops blocking his view, as well as the prospect of living next to 100 chickens.

“The amount of waste, the chicken waste, the scraps and everything like that will stink. And also, it’s going to attract vermin,” he said. “They are noisy. An operation of this size is inappropriate for any kind of urban setting, whether it’s Rockland or any place.”

Others are concerned about potential health issues arising from so many birds on one suburban property.

The current guidelines from Victoria Animal Control Services states: “There is no maximum number of poultry permitted, but the number must be consistent with use for personal egg consumption.”

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