Small but Terrible Bantam Rooster

Game cocks are classified into two according to its size, bantam and standard. Bantams are smaller in size compared to standard roosters. But don’t belittle them as they could fight like standard roosters do.

The word “Bantam” was derived from Banten (also called as Bantam), a town in Banten Province, Indonesia. It is where European sailors found this small breed of roosters that could be brought to their ships.

Breeders typically call bantam roosters as miniatures and are usually one-fifth to one-quarter of the standard breed size.

In cockfights, matching bantam roosters are almost the same with normal derbies except that gaffers arm them with smaller gaffs instead of normal sized gaffs.

Unlike standard roosters, bantam roosters are not usually brave. They have the tendency to run around the cockpit and be submissive. Breeders prefer to crossbreed their bantam roosters to other breeds such as Albany, Hatch, Lemon, Hatch, or Sweater to produce quality game fowls.

If you want to join bantam derbies in the Philippines, you could visit cockpit arenas in Pampanga and Tarlac where bantam derbies are popular. Some breeders concentrate themselves in breeding bantam roosters to build a name in bantam derbies.

As in other sports, size doesn’t matter in cockfighting as bantam roosters can fight as standard breeds. As we have said, it is not how you start, but how you finish the game.

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