South Korea to Import Eggs Ahead of Lunar New Year

South Korea will import 1,500 tons of eggs (approximately 25 million pieces) from the United States and Spain ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday season.

The move aims to prevent prices of eggs from skyrocketing and stem the shortage caused by the country’s biggest bird flu outbreak. As of January 13, the average price of 30 eggs is 9,491 won ($8.09), an increase of 75 percent according to Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.

In order to stabilize egg supply, South Korea has lifted the ban to United States, which was badly hit by bird flu in 2015 with 49 million deaths of turkeys and chickens. The South Korean government also lifted import tariffs on eggs.

First batch of American fresh eggs is expected to arrive in South Korea on Saturday (January 21).

South Korea will also import around 695 tons of egg products, such as dried whole eggs and frozen egg yolks, after the Lunar New Year celebration.

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