South Koreans Celebrate Park’s Ouster with Chickens

South Koreans ate chicken on March 10 to celebrate the decision of the Constitutional Court to remove President Park Geun-hye from power after a corruption scandal.

Oppositions call President Park Geun-hye as “” in reference to their perspective of her lack of intelligence and stiff public address.

The word chicken also rhymes to her family name and being called as “Chicken head” is considered as an insult in the country, which means idiot.

To celebrate the news, many Korean restaurants including in rural city of Jeonju offered chicken burgers for half price on Friday and Saturday.

“We prepared twice as many chicken burgers as usual and, wow, they’ve almost all gone,” said Yu Yeung-sang, owner of Eddis Kitchen.

Noodle dish and chicken were also offered at a national assembly cafeteria in Seoul.

Chickens also stormed the media world with photographs on social media and chicken restaurant recommendations published in newspapers.

The alleged corruption together with South Korea’s conglomerates sparked during the country’s increasing tension with North Korea and China.

Park was the first democratically elected president to be ousted from office. She maintains her stand that all corruption allegations with her conglomerates are false.

A snap election to select the next president is scheduled to be held within 60 days.

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