Student Creates Cheap Incubator

Robin Kibet, a second year student at Kyambogo University in Uganda, created a cost-effective electric egg incubator from two large basins, a piece of blanket, small bowl, portable fan, thermometer, wire-mesh and two 60-watt bulbs.

Everything in the incubator has purpose. The blanket retains moisture, the thermometer gauges the temperature, the small bowl holds the water, which is the source of oxygen, and the two bulbs provide the heat.

“When the fan rotates, it drives the hot air in the incubator. When I first tried out this experiment, I used one bulb. I then realized that the temperatures were low. The bulbs are the source of heat, and that is why we decided to have a second bulb,” said Kibet, who is taking up Bachelors of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education (BVS Agric/Ed).

“I decided to put everything I learned in class practice. With this simple technology, you can hatch your eggs at your convenience.”

The incubator costs around UGX 200,000 or US$55.

“This technology is for small scale farmers at the village level, who cannot afford the expensive technologies on the market,” Kibet said.

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