Summer Heat, Transport Strike Affect Poultry Industry

Summer is bad enough for the poultry industry in India. Transport strike makes it worse.

Oppressive heat, increase in feed costs and depleting groundwater levels affect poultry production during this time of the year.

In India’s southern states, poultry prices dropped by as much as 25 percent because of drought and transport strikes.

“The drought is manifested in depletion of ground water. The bore wells are slowly drying up. As the summer progresses, it will be tough arranging water for the farms,” said Dr. Ranjit Reddy, president of the Telangana Poultry Breeders’ Association.

Poultry farms are also finding it difficult to get feeds and send their eggs and broilers to the market because of the transport strike.

“For now, they are managing with the stocks in the farms nearby. If the strike lasts a few more days, it will be very tough for the farms,” said Reddy.

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