Task Force Formed to Reduce Antibiotics Use

Members of the newly formed Targets Task Force in the United Kingdom met to discuss ways to reduce and replace antibiotic use in all livestock sectors.

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The first meeting organized by Responsible Use of Medicines in Alliance (RUMA) tackled how sectors could contribute in the reduction of antibiotics use.

They came up with a coordinated strategy with each sector on how to do their part in lowering disease burden, improving immunity and responsibly using medical products to minimize development of antibiotic resistance.

“Currently, the UK is among the lower users of antibiotics in farming in Europe. Recently published antibiotic sales data for food producing animals also shows a 10 percent reduction between 2014 and 2015, progress the industry hopes to continue,” said Gwyn Jones, chairperson of RUMA.

The Targets Task Force was proposed by RUMA after the final report publication of O’Neill Review on Antimicrobial Resistance’s in May 2016.

United Kingdom government has challenged the UK agriculture to reduce average use of antibiotics by a fifth to 50mg/kg by 2018.

Targets Task Force is scheduled to meet every two months throughout next year. After each meeting, updates will be published to the public.

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