The Great Picks: Cockfight Legends in the Philippines

Inspiration draws one to become interested in a hobby or sports. Usually we become inspired with a successful personality in the hobby of our choice.

Like in other activities, cockfighting has also its own wall of fame, inspiring other new enthusiasts to venture in the sport and build their name.

In the Philippines, cockfight legends were well-known for their iconic record in cock fights. They could have invented new breeding method, bred and trained great game fowls, or became successful in the business of sport.

Biboy Enriquez and Nene Abello are the two game fowl breeders notable in the sport . They are popular in breeding sweater game fowls. These two gentlemen from Bacolod City are veterans in the sport with high demands of game fowls from the buyers.

Bacolod City in the Philippines is famous for its breeding farms as well as its chicken inasal. It is home of famous breeders like Hinlo Family, Lacson Family, Lance de la Torre, and Mayor Juancho Aguirre.

Mayor Juancho Aguirre is famous for his Greys and Lemon Guapo. Aguirre’s game fowls have attracted many cockfight enthusiasts on its looks and how they were trained with passion.

Women also share the limelight with the famous Osang Dela Cruz and Robi Yu Panis. Osang is a farm manager at Biboy’s Firebird Gamefarm while Robi Yu Panis is a famous gaffer. They have proven that cockfighting is not an exclusive sport for men.

Foreign breeders are also idolized in the Philippines. Local breeders import famous bloodlines for crossbreeding and improving bloodlines from Carol Nesmith, Mel Sims, and Johnie Jumper.

Though having an idol in cockfighting gives one the urge to success, it is not a requirement at all. Experimenting in training and breeding methods are always the key to success.

Who’s your idol in the sport? Share us your thoughts below.

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