Traders Oppose Total Import Ban on Poultry Products

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol’s recent Facebook post has alarmed meat importers and traders in the Philippines.

In his Facebook page, Piñol said he directed Assistant Secretary for Livestock Enrico Garzon to impose a total ban in the entirety of South Korea, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Piñol added that the only countries allowed to export poultry products to the Philippines are the United States, Canada and Australia, the major sources of imported poultry products.

“All other countries which are not listed here as exempt from the ban will also be temporarily banned from exporting chicken, eggs and ducks and other poultry products to the Philippines pending a review of their health status,” Piñol said.

Meat Importers and Traders Association (MITA) President Jesus Cham opposed the idea, saying that the recent pronouncement is without scientific basis and will surely lead to controversy.

Should the Department of Agriculture (DA) pushes through with a temporary ban in all of the country’s trading partners except for the United States, Australia and Canada, Cham said it would surely trigger a price hike of meat locally.

“The processors will be severely impacted as the import of chicken mdm (mechanically deboned meat) is substantial. Other origins will take advantage by raising prices to processors and (the) increase may be passed on to consumers,” Cham said.

“Even a few cents’ increase will mean a lot of money when multiplied by tons. We will see when the Philippines institutes the ban,” Cham added.

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