Trump-Chicken Used as Mascot in Tax Day March

An inflatable 10-foot chicken resembling President Donald Trump was used as mascot during Tax Day March in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Organizers of the rally said the Trump-chicken represented a question many Americans are asking: “Why is President Trump too chicken to show his taxes?”

Several hundred held signs and chanted about Trump’s tax returns and possible conflicts of interest tied to his business dealings, before marching to the Internal Revenue Service offices downtown. It was one of about 180 similar Tax Day Marches held in cities across the country Saturday (April 15), demanding fiscal transparency from the Trump administration.

Wally Barnum held a sign that said Trump was the “worst president ever.” He said it was important to keep pressuring Trump to release his tax returns.

“I believe in transparency in government,” Barnum said.

Standing nearby, Linda Wheatley held a sign that read, “Subpoena Trump’s Taxes.”

“What’s he hiding?” Wheatley said. “We don’t know unless he is required to release his returns.”

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