US Assures Quality Poultry

United States of America assures the quality of their poultry. This statement was released in Port-of-Spain. 

“The United States takes food safety very seriously. All US exports of poultry must, by law, be inspected and only poultry produced in federally-inspected plants and receiving the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) mark of inspection can be exported,” US Embassy said.

This is in response to allegations of T&T Poultry Association that their are substandard meat entering their country. 

Statement adds: “The inspection and export requirements of the United States are based on science and result in poultry that is safe for consumption and exported to nearly 160 countries around the world. Consumers in Trinidad and Tobago receive safe and wholesome food, and the growing popularity of US poultry globally is a testament to that fact.”

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