US Defends Dumping of Cheap Poultry in South Africa

The United States cited South Africa’s consumption of 1.8 million tons of chickens a year as reason for dumping cheap poultry products into the latter’s local economy.

USA Poultry and Egg Export Council said both countries are eating more poultry in recent years. South Africans consume about 33kg of chicken annually while the Americans consume about 48.3kg of chicken per year.

The US exports its poultry to South Africa under the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Zelda Sharp, the council’s regional director, said that they were bringing new choice to the market although US imports represented only about 3percent of South Africa’s annual poultry production.

“International trade ensures a broad supplier base, which supports a steady supply of stock and mitigates the risk of supplies being disrupted by climate change, drought or disease,” Sharp said. “It also controls spiraling food prices that could occur in a monopoly situation.”

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  1. eaaaaldijk says:

    So. I had a major shift or interruption in my plans for this year. Towards the end of last year, I was spending several hours each week for a few months time. Planning out proccess and numbers for a farming business plan, centered around pastured poultry. As It got closer to 2018. I realized that I didnt have any available land to raise chickens on. I also new that eventually I would be raising our own produce for our Family, for sale and others in need. So I had to revamp my focus to Gardening. Through the process of learning about gardening, God has shown me so much about His Awesome Creation and how to use one resource for several purposes. I can see the hand of God in that process. It is very likely that I will raise pastured chickens some day soon, but not right now. The Lord is Faithful and Knows all and I am happy to leave my life in Hos hands.

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