US Poultry Foundation Grants $7,000 to Support Students Interested in Poultry

In the project to make the young generation to be involved with poultry industry, the US poultry Foundation has granted the University of Georgia with $7,000.

The project aims to recruit students interested in poultry career. Through Leland Bagwell and his foundation, the grant was materialized.

Bagwell is the founder of American Proteins and an ambassador in the poultry industry.

The grant was not the first time it was given to a university. In 2016, the US Poultry Foundation has given $291,000 to 32 colleges and universities in the US.

US Poultry Foundation chairman says, “It is important that we continue to interest young people to study careers in the poultry industry. We need astute young managers to join our companies, as they will be the leaders of our industry tomorrow.”

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