US Seals Deal with Guatemala for Tariff-Free Poultry Exports

The United States poultry products will soon be exported to Guatemala without the need to pay for tariff duties.

This is after the two countries sealed an agreement to remove tariffs on fresh and frozen US poultry. US poultry exports would have faced a tariff of 12.5 percent this year if the agreement was not signed.

“The agreement is welcome news and NCC very much appreciates the work and support of USTR to accelerate the removal of tariffs on US exports of fresh, frozen and chilled chicken leg quarters to Guatemala,” said National Chicken Council’s Vice President of Communications Tom Super.

Guatemala and the US also reached a bilateral agreement that enables former to establish a tariff rate quota allowing imports of 1,000 metric tons of processed chicken leg quarters to enter duty free each year through Dec. 31, 2021.

Chicken leg quarters represented approximately 8 percent or $82 million of the $1.1 billion US agricultural exports to Guatemala in 2016. US poultry exporters had a 98 percent market share of all imports of chicken leg quarters into Guatemala in 2016.

Guatemala ranks sixth among the largest export markets for US poultry.

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